Nurse Doctor Relationship

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Nurse-Doctor Relationship: The Issue Of Power Relation
By Muhammad Ahmad
New Straits times
octor and nurses are the biggest number of individual worked as a health care professionals. The doctor and nurses work together as a partner and need to have a good communication between them to ensure the best treatment and care plan can be given to their patients. A good relationship between doctors and nurses as a health care providers are the major determinant for the good quality of the healthcare environment. Both safety and quality of care patient received is depend upon the quality of the environment which health care practice is provided. The relationship between the doctors and nurses are sometime is poor. The conflict between
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In addition, the doctor have a high education level among any healthcare profession, which they had to spend around five to six years learning in medical school and have attachment in hospital as an additional horsemanship training. In contrast, nursing, though they have a highly-respected career, does not enjoy as much societal respect or high financial income similar to doctors. Clinical nurse specialists and nurse practitioners may have a graduate degree, however they are still many nurses do not have a bachelor’s degree. Their educational level and status in public is much lower than that of other health care professional such as a doctor. The nurse’s authority in healthcare setting is also usually less than as compared to the doctor. Besides that, the doctors have the highest legal responsibility for the…show more content…
This could affecting both nurses retention and patient health care outcomes. It could give stress to nurses as they have to call physicians to ask for clarification in how to proceed with a certain treatment plan for the patient, and doctors are not always reply to such calls. Doctors are sometimes impatient when the nurse does not have all the available information about the patient that the doctor needs to make a decision. Besides that, Gender-based power issues are also a problem as well as the older male doctor may continue to view the largely female nursing workforce as their helper or subordinate which have cause ways to improve the communication to become effective remains as challenging as ever. Abuse could be either through verbal or physical would affect the health care environment between the doctor and nurses. For instance, a doctor would be frustrated with a new freshie nurse who does not know how to perform a task efficiently. Other than that, nurse who has not administered a medication to a patient as quickly as the physician ordered. The workload and time constraint can make them impatient with nurses who they put blame on them as taking too much of their

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