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Role of the Masters’s Prepared Nurse Educator
The master’s prepared nurse fulfills a variety of roles in today’s complex healthcare environment. By building on the foundation of a baccalaureate program, the masters prepared nurse brings advanced assessment and critical thinking skills to the bedside (Cotterill-Walker, 2012).
Due to the rapid rate of change in healthcare, and the increased complexity of patients, the role of researcher will continue to be vital in improving patient and system outcomes. Additionally, as a nurse educator, in order to adequately prepare students for their role, it is imperative to remain up to date regarding current standards of practice.
For the masters prepared nurse, the ability to integrate theory and research into daily practice in order to advocate for individuals and communities is essential. For the nurse educator, the role of advocate is critical to the future of healthcare and the nursing profession. Tomajan (2012) states “No one plays a more critical role in developing the capacity and capability for professional advocacy than do nursing educators who model advocacy behaviors for students in both education and practice settings” (Nurse Educator’s Role in Advocacy, para 1)
Regardless of their specialty area, the master’s prepared nurse utilizes advanced
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The master’s prepared nurse educator provides instruction in a variety of settings. In the classroom and clinical setting, they are responsible for the professional development of current and future nurses, while less formal applications could include a presentation on the importance of influenza vaccination for a civic organization. The master’s prepared nurse educator combines theory and research into practice, to create evaluate, and revise course work and curriculum that meets the learning needs of the individual or group; and is a leader in the implementation of evidence based
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