Critical Thinking In The Nursing Profession

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The nurse interview was really interesting because I was able to have a one on one conversation with a registered nurse about nursing and have them talk about their perspective of nursing and nursing school. The nurse, Sonya, that I interviewed made some important points about things I didn’t think about like when I asked her about her transition from nursing school and actually working as a nurse was that there is nothing wrong with asking for help and that it is better to ask for help if you need it than just not doing anything it could harm the patient and even the nurse themselves. The answer Sonya gave me to my question about her personal socialization process made me remember what we talked about in class about Cohen’s Model of Basic…show more content…
To elaborate about the questions, I asked about critical thinking and how she uses it at her work she talked about how she bases her thinking on the patients and their assessments. She talked about how she uses critical thinking for her interventions and she said that by using critical thinking she could see a difference in the patients’ health. According to Pérez, Canut, Falcó-Pegueroles, Puig-Llobet, Moreno-Arroyo, & Roldán-Merino (2014),” Critical thinking is particularly important in the nursing profession, given its potential impact upon the care that patients receive. The capacity of the nursing professional too achieve improvements in the quality of care depends, in large measure, upon developing critical thinking skills so as to improve diagnostic decisions.” (p.2-3) This quote emphasizes exactly what Sonya said about critical thinking and how it improves decisions and patient…show more content…
We talked about how being a professional nurse means being passionate, knowing how to communicate, more education, and being organized. But, many times the public does recognize what nurses do and how they are helpful but some people don’t think nursing is an actual professional career. This is why we as nurses or future nurses should show how nursing is a profession and shouldn’t just think we are just the doctor’s aide. According to, Hoeve, Jansen, & Roodbol (2014), nurses have been professionalized through schooling and invention, but even despite this nurses are not given recognition and have succumbed to gender stereotypes due to the media. (Hoeve, Jansen, & Roodbol, 2014, p. 296) This explains how, although, we as nurses know what it means to be a professional nurse, the public doesn’t and we need to change our public image in the media to better reflect

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