Nurse Leader Interview Case Study

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Howley: Nurse Leader Interview I took this opportunity to get to know my leader a bit better. Dorothy Smith is new to South Shore Hospital, and I realized I have not had time to sit and talk with her about what she believes, where she came from, and where she hopes to be in the future. She has held her current position as manager in the South Shore Hospital emergency room for eight months. She came to this position from Tufts Medical Center. Dorothy has her MSN/MBA in HCA. Her MSN was with a focus on leadership. Her MBA had a focus on healthcare administration. She began as a clinical leader within the emergency department for three years. She then assumed an interim manager position for one year at Tufts Medical Center. Dorothy says she is frequently networking with her peers to learn new strategies and problem solve similar situations. She also attended the ONL Leadership Academy to bolster her leadership skills. How does Dorothy see the current overall effectiveness at South Shore Hospital, and how would she change it if she could? The CNO at South Shore Hospital is very visible and involved in all areas. Dorothy would like to see more general leadership meetings that include directors and managers across the organization. Dorothy states that it feels as though the…show more content…
Dorothy describes herself as a transformational leader. Dorothy believes in employee development and encourages self-management for the staff when possible. Dorothy perceives her leadership style to be democratic. Dorothy wants to focus on trying to change the negative perceptions staff has experienced in situations involving change, past and current. Dorothy's perception of masculine vs. feminine style, well, that depends on the situation in which she finds herself. Dorothy feels she can go either masculine or feminine in her communication style depending on the respo nse and language used within the
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