Nurse Leadership Roles

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Nurse Leader
The increase health care demands, complexity and advancement of technology had challenged the nurse’s knowledge, competence, commitments and interpersonal skills. In healthcare industry nurses are required in each level of the healthcare system as they are constantly connected with patients and they have various responsibilities and roles to play. As a nurse one of the main roles is being a leader. In order to take up the leadership role the nurses need to have knowledge and skills in management. Leadership is all about getting people to work together and carry out their duties and responsibilities in a professional manner. A nurse leader continues to develop and motivate the other nurses to grow and influence the way care is
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Getting the team to work as a team and assisting the team members to deliver their best performance is a crucial role for a nurse leader. As a leader, he or she needs to set clear standards, in order for the team to know precisely what is expected from them in terms of work, quality and safety. The team members need to have clear understanding on ‘why’ and ‘what’ they need to do to achieve the objectives. Here the nurse leader’s role is to ensure explanation is given to the team to gather their support. It is important to get the team members involvements by getting their ideas and opinions. Team members who are involved in decision making will more likely have a stake in achieving goals. However, the team need to understand that the responsibility for the final decision will be made by the nurse leader (Martin, McCormack, Fitzsimons & Spirig,…show more content…
Strong relationship does engage the team to work together and here the nurse leader’s role is important as they need to be fair with all their team members at all times. The nurse leader need to understand that as a human everyone does occasionally makes mistakes. If criticize is required, the nurse leaders need to be more tactful and give constructive feedback rather than destructive feedbacks. An effective nurse leader will be able to built an atmosphere where everyone respect each other and putting the team first, making it clear to the team that the nurse leader is more interested in group achievement rather than personal gains. It is not doubtful that there are many challenges that the nurse leaders need to face in order to carry out their role effectively and
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