Nurse Manager Essay

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CAN A MANAGER BECOME A GOOD LEADER SIGNIFICANCE OF THE CONCEPT It is important to distinguish an effective manager and a good leader, also to recognise the concept of being a good leader as well as an effective manager, managers aspiring to become a leader can benefit from acquiring leadership skills, a good leader possess several qualities that could easily be termed as good managerial skills. Hence a leader must be well developed physically, mentally and intellectually to be able to assume such positions. In this current challenging world is crucial for every manager to possess excellent management skills and develop exemplifying qualities of a good leader. For a manger to appreciate leadership he or she has to understand that leadership…show more content…
(Nursing Times). Nursing is gaining influence in all aspect of healthcare practice, therefore it is important for nurses to develop good leadership skills at the early stage of their practice which is the key to all nursing career and nurse managers can become good leaders with effective training and enhancement of their skills in leadership. Most nursing managers are tossed around by their leaders when they themselves are leaders in their capacities. A nursing manager aspiring to become a leader must be committed to excellence and passion for patient’s advocacy, employee’s protection and be a role model, living by example. He or she needs to learn to take control of issues and handle them as a good leader should instead to reporting all issues to the leader in charge. He or she assist the employees and protect them from being molested by both internal and external forces. They help to prevent unnecessary retrenchment of staff but rather redistribute them to other departments where their services are more useful. The nurse manager helps to motivate the workers by rewarding them financially and non-financially. He also inspire the nurses to provide a better patients care and become more productive and satisfied in their
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