Nurse Mission Statement Analysis

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I am a Nurse Case Manager in a management company.
Every organization has its own mission and vision of the organization. According to Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), “A mission statement explains the company’s (or department’s) reason for existence. It describes the company (or department), what it does and its overall intention. The mission statement supports the vision and serves to communicate purpose and direction to employees, customers, vendors, and other stakeholders.” The mission for my company is to provide care coordination and care management to patients in the safety and security of their homes. Our nurses and social workers utilize an interdisciplinary team approach to collaborate with each member and or their caregiver to provider patient centered care. Our care management team oversees each member’s individualized care. Each team consists of a nurse, social worker and clerical support staff based on language and communication with the members in their team. The purpose for our company existence is due to we have multicultural, bilingual staffs from various racial and ethnic backgrounds and can meet our members language needs. The inadequateness is my company doesn’t follow up the statement of mission about providing multicultural, bilingual staffs to meet our clients’ language
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For my company, there is not a statement of the vision of my organization in the employee’s handbook. My company is profit private organization. Also it is just two years old so the police are still not perfect. Also, there is not a template for employees to follow up. Every time I need to speak out for my benefits such as tuition reimbursement, child care expense reimbursement and so on. The good thing is that they are able to negotiate with every employee now due to a lot of employees left

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