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As part of the nursing program, I had the opportunity to spend a day observing in an outpatient surgery unit. As I entered the unit, I noticed it had two hallways and in each one, there was a nursing desk. The patients originally arrived at the admission area downstairs and then escorted to the second floor where the unit was located. Once checked-in into the unit, they were placed in a room until the preoperative process was finished and the surgical team was ready. The role of the nurse was to assess the patient before and after the procedure, ensure that all information was correct and updated, and monitor for any complications. After meeting the nurse I was to observe today, we headed to the room where her patient was. She greeted the…show more content…
Once stabilized, then he would return to the unit until discharge. The nurse showed the spouse where the waiting room was and how to get to the cafeteria. The patient was having a cardioversion due to paroxysmal atrial fibrillation in an attempt to correct the abnormal heart rhythm. According to the Mayo Clinic website, cardioversion is a procedure that is done to restore a normal heart rhythm in patients who have arrhythmias. It is done by sending electric shocks to the heart through electrodes placed on the chest. No special preparation was needed prior to the…show more content…
It allowed me to have a better understanding of the pre and post-surgical procedures, including the admission questionnaire and the monitoring needed after the patient returns to the unit. One key question to ask was which medications did the patient take and at what time. This information is necessary to determine if there are any interactions or adverse effects that can compromise the procedure. Some medications may be held due to its side effects. For example, if a diabetic patient take his medication and doesn 't eat for many hours, the risk of hypoglycemia increases. In the elderly population, because of the decrease metabolism and excretion, some medications may need to be withheld days before. Therefore, a thorough assessment should be completed upon admission. Nurses need to be able to assess situations quickly and confidently and make the best care decision in each scenario. The opportunity for observing and participating in the nursing clinical allows for students to acquire the critical thinking skills necessary to become a competent and knowledgeable

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