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For this assignment, I have read the critical thinking exercise in regards to the predicament of Nurse Olivia Witte. I will address the seven questions at the end of the critical exercise. I will also define the elements of group interaction. I will discuss the various conflict management strategies and conflict resolution techniques. I will identify strategies to manage group and team behaviors. I will also identify key definitions and theories of communication and relationship building pertaining to health care delivery. After addressing these numerous topics, I will end this paper with a conclusion. After reading the critical thinking exercise, it is clear that the problem lies within the home health care facility in which ventilator-dependent patients may be…show more content…
Simply put, the physicians were putting themselves above the nurse’s immediate experience and plan of care recommendations. This puts patients at an unnecessary risk. If the communication and collaboration between the physician and the nurse is ineffective, then the quality of care is being compromised (Tang, Chan, Zhou, & Liaw, 2013). The dietary representative suggested that the nurses integrate the dietary protocols since they were the ones who were in charge of the maintenance pathway. The problem ended up being bestowed upon the patient in so far that they were indirectly considered as a last priority. To resolve all these issues at hand, Nurse Witte should first emphatically resolve any and all communication hindrances between the physicians and the rest of the health care staff. This could be done in a collaborative effort amongst all colleagues through means of a work-group meeting, or even a facility driven in-service. This method of communication should be done in a peer to peer methodology as that would ensure a common knowledge base of what’s going on in general. In Nurse Witte’s case, the overall message should be concisely presented as a break-down and intentional neglect

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