Nurse-Patient Communication Case Study

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Patient Communication Student’s Name Institution Patient Communication Nurse-patient communication is significant towards the well-being of the patient and adequate performance of the nursing duties. Different patients come with different attitudes, and therefore it is necessary for the nurse to understand how to communicate appropriately with the sick individuals. This essay seeks to identify the different types of nurse-patient communication, factors that promote its positive or negative experience and recommend strategies on how such communication can be improved. The broad categories of nurse-patient communication fall under therapeutic communication. This is a one on one form of communication between the nurses and their patients…show more content…
Studies indicate that patients are more receptive to nurses that align to their gender. However, this does not imply that the gender difference between patients and nurses has a big impact in their communication. On the other hand, cultural and religious differences between nurses and patients can affect their communication (Jahromi & Ramezanli, 2014). In some instances, the patients’ culture may contradict with the code of nursing professionalism hence hampering efficient communication. Language differences also affect the nature of nurse-patient communication. In instances where the nurse and patient do not share the same language, a translator may be required. Besides, age differences between the patient and the nurse may affect effective communication (Jahromi & Ramezanli, 2014). Nurse find easy to communicate with elderly patients compared to the young ones since young people may have a sense of insecurity and vulnerability when sick; hence they may tend to act…show more content…
The human factors that affect efficient communication involve patients’ moods or reactions towards the services provided by the nurses. Therefore, nurses are advised to exercise patience and understanding of the conditions of their patients. They should seek to serve the clients regardless of whether they are rude or welcoming. In cases where communication is hindered due to lack of cooperation from the patient, the nurse can seek assistance from their supervisors. Also, nurses are advised to shun from forming predetermined perception of patients to ensure that they can communicate
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