Nurse Patient Relationship Essay

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Recognizes professional boundaries within the nurse-client therapeutic relationship 1) In my 2402 clinical placement, one of patient and his partner called me to choose a side because both of them were having a misunderstanding in their personal choices. I told them that I would like to give them privacy to talk things over since I have to refrain from inappropriate involvement in patients’ personal relationships. 2) In my 2402 clinical placement, a patient offered me a Tim Horton five-dollar gift card as a sign of appreciation. Recognizing that collecting it will be a boundary issue I politely told him that I can not accept monetary gifts, but if she wishes she could donate the money. I also told her that the care and support I provide is…show more content…
Acts as an advocate for client and empowers clients and families. 1) In my long-term care placement, one of clients had a diabetic diet ordered for lunch but the kitchen gave her a regular diet which made it difficult for her to eat. I had to come in and talk on her behalf and got her food changed to the diabetic diet. 2) In my 2402 clinical placement, I had a patient with acid reflux and Gaviscon was ordered for him for 4 times a day. After 3 hours of taking the second dose his symptom worsened and he asked for more medication. When I spoked to my primary nurse regarding the patients’ ordered, he said we can not change the doctor’s order. I asked my primary nurse if I could speak to the doctor and he said yes. I presented the patient’s situation to the doctor who adjusted the prescription so that the patient could get a dose of the medication immediately. 3) In my 2402 placement, one of my female patient shared a bedroom with 2 older gentlemen. She complained of difficulty sleeping for 3 days because the men snored so loud. I spoked to the primary nurse about my patient and we were able to get her a bedroom with female
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