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In this section, I will start to talk about the nurse practice act and how it improves patient care around the world. The Nurse Practice Act is laws that define responsibilities of the nurse and the scope of practice within their range. The range of activities and services as well as the qualifications for practice. The act describes what constitutes unprofessional conduct of misconduct and investigation and the disciplinary procedures for complaints filed against a nurse. These acts are in place to protect patients and families from harm as a result of unsafe or incompetent practices of unqualified nurses. We use the Nurse Practice Act to protect the patient and their families. Information about the Nurse Practice Act can be found on the National…show more content…
This part of the paper will explain what a CNA is and what task is safely delegated inside their scope of practice. A certified nursing assistant (CNA) is a healthcare professional who assists patients with various healthcare needs, under the direct supervision of a registered nurse(RN), or a licensed practical nurse (LPN). Responsibilities of nursing assistants vary from state to state, but for the most part they play an integral role in the health care process. Nursing assistants help physicians and nurses care for patients by feeding, cleaning and transporting patients. Nurse aides can receive additional training to specialize in specific kinds of care, such as midwifery, and may be required to have additional certifications to work in a labor room. You are likely to be able to play a larger role in labor rooms at hospitals and independent groups that offer midwifery services or birthing centers. Nurse’s assistants usually are responsible for monitoring the vital signs of patients. You may be asked to take the blood pressure, heart rate and temperature of a delivering mother at various times throughout her labor. At some hospitals, you need to have a Basic Life Saving Certification and pass your CNA II course to work in the delivery room taking vitals. As part of your monitoring functions, you may have to watch and record a fetal monitor if the mother is so equipped, and quickly report any changes you notice. A CNA role during or after a caesarean section CNAs to help make the experience more comfortable for mothers and their babies. In addition to fluffing pillows and arranging the blankets for the mother, you may need to provide her with additional pillows or adjust the temperature in the room. Your job often will include bringing and feeding her ice chips, and wiping her forehead when necessary. As the one she relies on for comfort, you may need to hold her hand if she doesn’t

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