Nurse Practitioner Case Study Essay

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A thirty- seven year old nurse practitioner was working at an urgent care when a 23-year-old graduate student arrived. Complaining of fever, chest pains, and cough. He had a temperature of 101°F. He also stated that he had been unwell for the last couple of days. The nurse practitioner completed a brief examination of the patient, and gave a diagnosis of bronchitis. A prescription antibiotic was given. He was told to come back in a couple of days if he was not feeling better. The next morning friends found the 23 year old patient dead. Medical examiners identified that the young man died of myocarditis. Weeks later, the nurse practitioner found out about her patient when the urgent cared was being sued for negligent treatment. During, trial it was brought to light that the nurse…show more content…
A comparison chart that was posted on The Physician Assistant Life website, shows the time is the classroom, clinical hours, after high school education, residency, and degree after completion, recertification, and salary along with a few others listed. The chart has the information for a nurse, nurse practitioner, physician assistant, and physician. The time in classroom for nurse practitioner and physician assistant range from 500 to 1,000 hours whereas a physician is two years. A residency for a nurse practitioner and physician assistant is they either don’t have one or is optional and it is only one to two years long. Whereas a physician has a three to eight year residency. Needless to say it takes many more years to become a physician. The difference in material that is learned between a nurse practitioner and a physician is the amount of time spent on the material. The nurse practitioner just briefly covers the material while a physician has to do in depth. So a physician knows more about a certain disease or illness better than a nurse
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