Nurse Practitioner

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A Nurse Practitioner is a higher trained registered nurse that has completed more advanced schooling, and has a minimum of a master 's degree. These type of nurses have a very broad understanding of the medical field, and the services required. They aid and support patients of all different ages, and have a very broad education. Nurse Practitioners are able to diagnose patients, collaborate with other professionals, educate and counsel families, and even prescribe medications. Not only can they do a variety of different tasks, they can also work in many different environments such as Community clinics, health centers, Health departments, Hospitals, Hospice centers, Nurse practitioner offices, Nursing homes, Private offices, walk-in clinics, and many more ( The job is in very high demand and it 's much easier to find one compared to most other occupations. People in the world tend to easily get sick, hurt, etc, and nurse practitioners…show more content…
In every occupation, wages depend on how much you work, and where you work. Nurse Practitioners have a median salary of $98,190 and pay can range from $70,540-$135,830 annually and will normally vary depending on location and some other factors ( A table represented different states in the U.S. and showed that California compared to a couple of the other states had a higher paying rate. In May 2016 California showed an hourly wage of $59.78 and an annual wage of $124,330 with New York coming at a close second of an hourly wage of $54.55 and an annual wage of $113,450 ( Depending on where in the world you decide to work affects the pay that will be received. In conclusion Nurse Practitioners play important roles in the medical field. The have a very broad knowledge and use basic skills for many different jobs. They have good salaries and the job is in very high demand, which means that there is always a position to fill. All in all a Nurse Practitioner is a very rewarding job to
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