Nurse Ratched: A Short Story

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We hear a scream from another room. It was a feminine scream so it must have been a nurse. We all look in that direction to see a nurse covered in blood streaks screaming and running from the bedrooms. Everyone in the ward goes to see what has happened and I follow in the back.
Nurse Ratched runs over and pushing through the crowd of people blocking the door. She yells and shoves people until finally she can see what has happened. I weave my way up to the doorway until I too can see everything going on. Billy is holding a piece of blood covered glass and laying on the floor covered in his own blood. It appear he has cut his throat, and died.
It doesn 't make sense to me. Billy Bibbit never seemed like the kind of person to do something this
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The doctor continues with the operation and tells me “You have been quite disruptive and aggressive in the ward lately so we are going to fix that.” By fix that he meant by giving me a lobotomy to try and calm me down. He began by strapping me to some wires to render me unconscious. After attaching the cables he said “Don 't worry, this won 't hurt a bit.” but it did hurt, a lot. The wires sent electricity through my brain and shut me down. I can 't see anymore. I can 't feel anymore. I can 't think or remember anymore. What felt like a second but really 5 minutes later I woke up to see and feel the doctor cutting into my brain. My memories began to fade away. With everyone of his cuts I forgot something else. Cut. First day at the hospital. Cut. Learning about Charles Cheswicks’ death. Cut. The boat trip. Cut. Billy Babbits suicide. Cut. Until I forgot it all.
The doctor of course called his operation was a success. Im technically not a threat to anyone anymore. I am a vegetable. I can 't move nor talk nor do anything. I get picked up off the leather chair onto a gurney. They move me back to the ward onto my bed and leave me there with all the other vegetables. As time goes by things that just happened are

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