Nurse Ratched

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The choice that a novelist makes when deciding what themes will be shown throughout the novel is hardly a minor one. {I need something }.When Randle McMurphy, the newest member to the ward,has himself committed to a mental institution He quickly discovers that life in the mental institution is not what he thought it was. Chief Bromden the narrator of the story and for most of the book, Is best known as an observer. Chief pretends to be deaf and unable to speak, therefore people talk freely around him, allowing him to learn their secrets. He may appear powerless, but that is the exact opposite of what he is. He was able to gain power because of all the knowledge he’s gained through observation and listening in on conversations. Despite the fact…show more content…
Is precisely expressed through Nurse Ratched and McMurphy’s relationship and their effect on the patients in the ward. Nurse Ratched is the antagonist in the book, she is the authoritative figure to the men in the institution and she is determined to continue to abuse her power over the men and remain in control. She emasculates the men in different ways to rid any chance of rebellion, Harding, remarks, “we are victims of a matriarchy here” (Kesey, 16). A few ways she emasculates men are by using public humiliation and embarrassment against the patients to exposes their greatest insecurities, controlling the direction of the conversation and the questions asked throughout a therapy session, but by also manipulating the patients to turn on each other so they remain occupied rather than work together to rebel against her. So Can only imagine that when McMurphy arrives and plays the role of resistance against Ratched, she of course isn 't happy. McMurphy hopes to be released from the ward and also break the men from the repression they have become accustomed to due being at the ward. The patients at the ward also play a crucial role to the repressive environment they are exposed to since they allow Ratched to have control over them due to their compliance and obedience to her actions. Nurse Ratched takes notice to McMurphy’s intentions of starting rebellion at the ward.Throughout the book McMurphy is severely punished on many occasions.{need conclusion
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