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Throughout the beginning of the novel it is evident that some characters over use their powers, one of these characters being Nurse Ratched. Nurse Ratched uses her position in the ward to take advantage of the patients and make sure that they adhere to everyone of her daunting commands. Nurse Ratched “tends to get real put out if something keeps her outfit from running like a smooth, accurate, precision-made machine” (Kesey 28) because she has been on the ward for so long that when something doesn 't go according to her plan, she starts to get mad and will often try to use her power to come down on the patient 's. Nurse Ratched is in control of the whole ward and when someone does something that isn 't in her manuscript she gets irritated. The ward will be run her way and only her way, “ under her rule the ward inside is almost completely adjusted to surroundings” (Kesey 28). She corrupts the hospital 's public relations personnel, patients, orderlies, and student nurses with her fallacious rapture for order. Not only does she choose the personnel, but she uses her power to make the black boys do work for her.…show more content…
In the novel, “ The least black boy and one of the bigger ones catch me before I get ten steps out of the mop closet” (Kesey 30). Nurse Ratched is telling the black boys to get chief so he can be shaved. She won’t get Cheif herself because she uses her power to make others do it for her. The black boys highlight nurse Ratched intractable power. The black boys seem to have no personality other than being vehicles for Nurse Ratched hatred. They are her workhorses and adhere to her every need. They represent the dark enmity and the overpowering madness that lies inside of her. Nurse Ratched “ sits in the center of this web of wires like a watchful robot, tend her network with mechanical insect skill, know every second which wire runs where and just what current to send up to get the results she wants” (Kesey 29). Nurse Ratched strictly controls society in the
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