Nurse Ratched Reaction Paper

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Rationale: A man named Randle Mc Murphy is confined to a mental hospital for committing minor crimes. The ward is under the strict rule of the head nurse, Nurse Ratched. Nurse Ratched is so obsessed with maintaining perfect order of the hospital that she will do anything, even torture and kill a patient if he seems to be highly disruptive. However, Mc Murphy starts revolting against the nurse by constantly making her lose her temper, and by promoting gambling to the other patients, and encouraging them to stand up for themselves. Truthfully, Mc Murphy genuinely cares about his fellow patients and the patients respect him for doing so. In this diary entry however, Nurse Ratched believes that the patients are being threatened by Mc Murphy, and…show more content…
During the first few days of his arrival, I assumed that he was a mere gambling fool who happened to stumble across this hospital. Even with his past arrests for assault, battery and gambling, he didn’t strike me as a serious danger. However, he proved to be a major threat to the ward after the first few weeks. Not only did he display unacceptable behavior towards myself and the staff, he has taken the habit of manipulating and abusing other patients. I have directed my full attention on Mc Murphy, and have constantly reminded him to behave himself. After yesterday’s events at the group meeting however, I believe that a more drastic measure must be taken towards containing patient Mc Murphy. As can be seen from yesterday’s group meeting, Mc Murphy has threatened and intimidated the other patients to take his side. When Mc Murphy started a vote on being allowed to watch TV in the afternoon so that he could see what he wanted to, nearly half the patients simultaneously raised their hands in favor of the change, as if they were puppets being controlled. When I didn’t pass the vote because it violated the other patients’ rights, Mc Murphy and the patients who voted gathered in front of the blank TV and blocked it so that no one else could enjoy it. Such selfishness is not tolerated inside this ward. I will tame Mc Murphy into becoming disciplined, no matter how long it
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