Nurse Recognition Model In Nursing

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Nurse recognition models are implemented within healthcare facilities to recognize the value and meaningfulness of one’s contributions and the influence his or her actions have on others (Thompson, 2013). Organizations have a responsibility to acknowledge extraordinary nurses who express genuine compassion and care as well as exhibit professionalism as this ensures a successful professional practice environment of shared respect and support (Brigham and Women’s Hospital, 2018). Praising and acknowledging those who demonstrate such qualities results in job satisfaction and enjoyment, which leads to positive outcomes for both the organization as well as the patient. Additionally, supporting meaningful recognition models elevates the level of…show more content…
Management can be learned through teaching techniques while leadership however, can be taught but is usually part of the individual’s character and personal drive to make a difference (Yoder- Wise, 2015). Managers address issues by planning, setting goals and accomplishing them (Yoder- Wise, 2015). Nurses in management roles are important because they have the administrative and clinical experience needed to run a department. Nurses know their own needs as well as their patient’s; thus, in a nurse management position, nurses are well versed in their abilities to bring a shared vision together for positive outcomes (Yoder-Wise, 2015). The nurse manager includes the staff in the decision-making process in order to make the work place more satisfying (Yoder- Wise, 2015). A satisfying work environment allows for patient safety and gratification, which promotes recognition amongst the nurses caring for these individuals. A nurse who is recognized for hard work and perseverance continues to go out their way to give compassionate…show more content…
In fact, most new nurses who exhibit these traits perceive the needs of both the leader and other staff (Yoder- Wise, 2015). A followership role is one that demonstrates cooperative and collaborative behaviors all of which are needed in every medical setting (Yoder- Wise, 2015). Effective followership undertakes responsibility to comprehend what is acceptable and unacceptable by the organization (Yoder- Wise, 2015). Nurses who depict a combination of these traits allow for a competency-based environment that enables the organizations vision further creating a healthy institution (Yoder- Wise, 2015). Nurse followers abide by the rules of the institution, which results in quality nursing care. Thus, resulting in positive administrative

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