Nurse Retention: A Case Study

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Incivility in the Workplace and Impact on Nurse Retention Clinical Question The clinical question that is being addressed is whether nurse incivility leads to high turnover rates in the clinical setting. Nurse incivility is a serious issue that must be addressed. Studies have shown that incivility, such as bullying in the work environment is a major source of job dissatisfaction (Berry, 2016). It is important to understand that based on research studies, a healthy work environment is related to improved nurse retention and higher levels of job satisfaction (Ctsai, 2011). Therefore, one must come into realization that it is the conditions that nurses experience in the workplace which affect not only their turnover rate, but their physical and…show more content…
An article conducted on nurses showed that workplaces that consist of incivility in healthcare result in lack of satisfaction, high turnover rates, and adverse patient outcomes (Berry, 2016). The purpose of this article is to address and research the importance of nurse incivility, such as bullying in the workplace and its impact on its turnover rates. Also, this article will further address the strategies and solutions to decrease the high turnover rates in the healthcare setting. Research suggests that as new nurses begin their socialization into the profession that they are encouraged to accept incivility as a professional norm. In one study, results showed that workplace bullying behaviors (WPB) range from 27.3% to 31% for twice-weekly incidents for nurses and 21.3% for daily WPB for novice nurses (Berry, 2012). Statistics have also shown that almost 21% of nursing turnover can be related to bullying while 60% of new RNs who quit their first job in nursing within 6 months report that it is because of being bullied (Chipps, 2012). The principal clinical question addressing this topic of a mixed-research design of a quantitative and qualitative study is the following: Does nurse incivility in the workplace lead to high turnover rates? Population: Registered nurses in the healthcare setting Intervention: Behaviors of incivility experienced in the healthcare setting Comparison: Is the incivility leading to high turnover rates Outcome: Number of turnover rates as a result of incivility in the workplace and strategies to

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