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Question 1: Outline the roles and responsibilities of the Registered Nurse, Doctor and Pharmacist involved in the medication cycle? Registered nurses are the last checkpoint in drug administration, there since they have a huge responsibility in minimizing the risk of medication. Every registered nurse is responsible for doing the correct drug administration by following the 6 right, which are the right patient, right drug, right dose, right route, right time and the right documentation. The RN should check the effect of the medication, side effect and adverse effect. Another role of the nurse is to educate the patient and to check their understanding of the drug. In addition, they have an important role in patient advocacy by helping the…show more content…
(Galbraith, 2007) Pharmacist plays a vital role in medication cycle, they are responsible for monitoring patient health and enhance their response to medication therapies. The pharmacist also educates the patient on the use of prescription and over-the-counter medication. In addition, they educate physicians, nurses and other health care providers about the medication. The pharmacist is responsible for storing the medication in specific secure place such as cupboard also they prepare a different kind of medicinal product such as ointment, cream, powder, ear, nose and eye drops, lotions, mixtures, antiseptic solution and syrup. (Galbraith, 2007) Question 2: Outline the process of communication and teaching elderly considering HAAD Standards? Some elderly people have difficulty understanding and learning ability which may impact on their learning and ability to make decisions. There are a few changes that have an effect on the process of communication in teaching elderly, those are physical changes, psychological changes and social changes. Physical change is related to environmental factors and genetics, its part of body development that we cannot control such as degenerative change which can alter the

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