Nurse Rounding Case Study

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The impact of nurse rounding on patient satisfaction in a medical-surgical hospital unit (Blakley, Kroth, & Gregson, 2011) Case Study
Purpose: To determine if patient and nurse satisfaction is influenced by intentional nurse rounding every 2 hours on a medical-surgical unit in a small community hospital setting. Level V Setting: Medical-surgical inpatient unit
N = 200
Criteria: persons who have been hospital inpatients within the last 6 months. HCAHP Surveys, Interviews during rounding process, and focus groups. Patient satisfaction data was collected on a weekly basis and summarized by the Gallup Organization Patient satisfaction scores steadily increased in conjunction of the rounding program. Overall patient satisfaction was 3.5 (on a scale of 1-4, where 1
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Overall GRADE strength was moderate.
There was found to be moderate-strength evidence that hourly rounding programs improve patients’ perception of nursing responsiveness and overall patient satisfaction.
Hourly rounding: a replication study (Olrich, Kalman & Nigolian, 2012) Quasi-experiment
Purpose: To determine the effect of hourly rounding on fall rates, call light usage, and patient satisfaction in an inpatient medical-surgical patient population Level II Setting: Medical-surgical inpatient unit
N = 4,418 (Divided into 1 experimental group and one control group)
Criteria: not specified. Data concerning patient satisfaction were collected for 6 months using patient satisfaction surveys. No statistically significant differences occurred in patient satisfaction between pre-rounding and post-rounding groups based on post-discharge patient surveys. While rounding did not affect patient satisfaction on discharge surveys, anecdotal evidence from nurses’ leader rounds showed increased patient satisfaction.

Hourly rounding with a purpose (Berg et al, 2011)


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