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As a first generation student to attend college from a family of seven, the journey to a higher education has been arduous and overwhelming. My family gives me all the encouragement I need and are very optimistic about pursuing a higher degree. Unlike myself, my parents did not have the opportunity to attend college. My parents were born and raised in a small town in Mexico where the highest level of education they received was fifth grade. I have worked since I was 14 years old to support my parents with bills, and also saving for college and my own vehicle. I have not had any interruptions during my education, because I was able to balance work, babysitting, studying, and attending class on time. Although I managed not having any interruptions…show more content…
I thought I knew what career path I wanted for my future, with that in mind, I sought a degree in Fitness and Human Performance to continue with a career in Occupational Therapy. In this career choice, the way I got to help patients was through therapy. While taking classes, I realized Occupational Therapy is not what I truly was passionate about. I decided to take my mother’s advice and choose what I truly love to do, which is to help people all around and I believe the nursing program would be the best fit. I am currently completing my certified nurse program to proceed with a job as a patient care technician. I believe a job as a certified nurse assistant will give me a better insight while working beside nurses and observe what set of skills nurses use. My strengths that best suit my personality and this program are determination, effort, caring, critical thinker, discipline, and enthusiastic. These qualities would reflect on a nurse and would make caring for the patient easier. I believe that I belong in the nursing field, because ever since I was a child, I always wanted to make a positive influence in people's lives. I just did not know how. No one is perfect, we all have weaknesses. My weaknesses include being shy and taking charge, but I do outgrow after

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