Nurse Staffing Case Study

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1. What makes this problem important?
The issue of nurse staffing and patient safety is vital to the health of our patients and the longevity of out nursing licenses. No one wants to be the sentinel event that forces the change, so they leave making the problem of staffing worse. The departures cause inexperienced nurses to arrive and make the critical situation of staffing even more challenging. This is the environment we take our families and loved ones for care and their safety is at risk with this crisis.
2. Why does it matter? Patients’ lives are at risk and they could be out friends, family or ourselves. Are there important patient concerns? Their safety and the quality of care they receive in the poorly staffed emergency care environment. Staff concerns? Nurses
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What potential contributions could be made from further studying or developing this project? The attention and illumination of the nurse staffing crisis in the emergency room environment could help managers, other departments and providers the understanding that this crisis is real and something must change. The suggestion of change and the highlight of the problem can help bring the topic to light and encourage a dialogue that may affect the change.
4. What surrounding clinical issues seem to work well with this problem? The issue of doctor patient ratios and the safety of the emergency room environment can partner with the issue of nurse staffing. Raising the bar for safety and control in the environment can add to the nurse staffing and security which could help retention of the nurses. The doctor patient ratio adjustment can add to the improved care environment which the nurse practices in. If the environment becomes safer to be in as well as practice this will consequently help improve retention and staffing.
5. What could be working better? National patient to nurse ratios that cannot be altered. Mandates for staffing and safety for nurses to protect both their person and their

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