Nurse Strengths And Weaknesses

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Strengths and Weaknesses My three major strengths are medication administration, communication with patients, and asking questions when I do not fully understand something. I feel like throughout my preceptorship these have grown stronger, and have helped me to be successful. My three major weaknesses that I have been focusing on throughout my residency are communicating with physicians, completing skills I am unfamiliar with, and improving my confidence. I would say that these have improved quite significantly, but I still have a ways to go. I have completed several status reports to physicians now, and received positive feedback. I still need to work on being more concise and less nervous. I have been gaining confidence as I have been learning…show more content…
The management style of this particular nurse leader was largely democratic. He valued the input of every member of his team, and collaborated with others to find solutions to clinical problems. Throughout the day, we attended numerous meetings and conference calls, addressing the concerns of each department throughout the hospital. The CNO, expressed to me how much he valued the opinions of nurses at the bedside, which I thought was fantastic. His positive qualities were that he was a great listener, honest, focused, and empowered his employees. He also possessed excellent communication skills and was able to effectively work with others to create innovative solutions to problems. He did not possess many negative qualities. At times he had to be more authoritative and direct in a crisis, but I believe this was appropriate. He seemed very well respected by everyone and I did witness any problems occur. Sometimes I think he chose his battles, in regard to conflicts brought to his attention that involved physicians, sometimes he did not address it directly in a meeting. He would often speak to others following meetings to find a solution, and avoid direct conflict in the moment. I do not think is a bad quality to have, because he took the time to come up with solutions instead making rash decisions. The organizations mission is “ to improve the health of our region, state and nation by:…show more content…
I have been able to practice skills several times that I have not been previously able to perform such as the insertion of intravenous catheters, wound care, and end of life care. I have gained much insight into what a day in the life of an ICU nurse is like. I was able to take the full patient load by the end of my preceptorship, whereas in the beginning I was like a deer in the headlights, standing back afraid to touch anything. I am able to care for more complex patients, without becoming extremely overwhelmed. I have been able to successfully chart on my full patient assignment successfully, remembering all of the specific additional charting for special machines and specific time parameters. One of my major goals was to become more proficient in my reporting skills. I have enhanced my communication skills, and I am now able to give report not only to other nurses, but physicians as well. My reports have become more concise, more organized and I have received a lot of positive feedback from staff. I have had the opportunity to watch several procedures including a nasal intubation, insertion of central lines, and the removal of intra-aortic balloon pumps. The staff were so supportive of my learning, and frequently pulled me away to see new skills being performed. I cannot say enough how fantastic they all were and how much they have impacted me as a professional. I have gained a lot of
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