Nurse Vs Medical Assistant Essay

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In 1924, a biology teacher, M.M. Mandl came to conclusion that physicians needed someone who could help them with the administrative side. M.M. Mandl immediately informed the Mandl School for Doctor’s Assistants. The school then started training students the administrative and clinical roles that took place in a doctor’s office. In 1955, Kansas held a meeting with fifteen other states to discuss the establishment of a national organization to help spread the word about what a medical assistant does and focus on professionalizing the medical assistant career. The American Association of Medical Assistants (AAMA) became a national organization a year later. Then nursing came along. Most people who were sick stayed at home while friends and…show more content…
Both a medical assistant and nurse have similar duties in providing great health care. Medical assistants and nurses get the patients ready for future procedures; for example, the patient may have a CT scan coming up so the nurse or medical assistant will provide medicine if any should be taken or they will help get all the paperwork prepared. Also both medical assistants and nurses help patients with eating, and provide wound care if needed. Medical assistants and nurses provide a clean and safe environment to prevent sicknesses from spreading. To prevent sickness from spreading they change the sheets from the patient’s bed and clean equipment after every time it is…show more content…
Medical assistants are not required to go through any training program. Nursing is the opposite, nursing has mandatory training and the nurse must have a certification from that state in which he or she works in. A career in nursing can be done at almost any university. Also nursing has a bunch of different branches. Some branches include, a Registered Nurse, Nurse Practitioner, and even a Licensed Nurse Practitioner. The last big difference of a medical assistant and nurse is the salary. When it comes to a medical assistant they make anywhere from $21,000 to $31,000, depending on how much training they have been through. As for a Registered Nurse they make anywhere form $47,000 to

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