Nursery Assistant Reflective Essay

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During my time at placement I was given the role of a Nursery Assistant; My duties were to plan and prepare activities for children, read stories, nappy change them, observe and make notes for use in their reports. I was also a key worker for one child, I had to monitor their progress and share information about their development with their parents and carers. The setting was a warm and welcoming environment, I found that all of the staff were very friendly and reassuring. The placement lasted for four weeks and I worked from Monday to Friday from 8:30AM to 5:30PM. On my first day I arrived at 10AM for my induction and was introduced by the manager of the setting to the other members of staff.
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I was also placed into pre-school to work for one week. The nursery had a very structured routine, the children would usually arrive at 8:00AM. The children would then have breakfast at 8:30AM and snack time at 10:00AM, pre-school will then go out in the garden at 10:30am until 11:00am and the babies and toddlers would go around 11:30am to 11:45am and get ready for lunch at 12:00. If it was a rainy day we would usually have circle time. After lunch the pre-school children, toddlers and babies would go to sleep until 2:30pm. Although not all the children will sleep, so for those children activities will have already been setup for them to do. I always ensure that I encourage children to use the toilet to allow them to become independent. I also demonstrated to the children about what is happening in order for them to follow instructions. I was aware of all the children’s dietary needs, allergies and religious beliefs. I worked in partnership with the children’s parents and carers to find out what food their child can and cannot have. Children who were just settling in the setting found it very difficult to sleep, so I comforted and reassured those children. For the older children I would usually create a peaceful mood by rubbing their backs and reading a story to them

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