Nurses Role In Health Care

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1. Introduction Given the critical role that nurses play in shaping the efficiency, effectiveness and sustainability of health care systems, it is important to understand what motivates them and the extent to which the organization and other contextual variables satisfy them. Using sociological theories (conflict theory, structural functionalism symbolic interactionism, and post-modernism and attribution theory) this study will explore possible reasons why nurses migrate and the consequences thereof. Research will also present a formulated integration of the theories discussed. Nurses play a very important role in the health care system thusly i will as a medical sociologist, with the aid of the sociologist theories I will find ways to prevent…show more content…
Low pay rates have been found to be one of the reasons nurses are leaving. According to Kingman (2008) the nurse wage in Australia and Canada is estimated to be approximately fourteen times the nurse wage in Ghana and about twice the nurse wage in South Africa once purchasing power parity is applied. Thus nurses sought better wages, improved working conditions, and higher standards of living not present in their native countries (Kline, 2003), leaving South Africa with a shortage of nurses. Bourgeoisie justify their exploitation of workers by stating that workers are free to take their labour elsewhere if they are dissatisfied with their working conditions, wages, or benefits (Ferrante, 2011: 33). Because of this fact nurses are free to seek employment were they will like to work leaving South Africa in distressed…show more content…
Human behaviour cannot be explained from any theory, the reason behind the nurses leaving cannot be known from analysis of empirical research. In a sense there is no permanent social order possible to explain the reasons behind the migration of nurses. Reality is human mind construct therefor it is all according to change and chance. It is only according the view in which the nurses hold; reality according to this perspective relies on the individual living the experience how they perceive it. Similar to this perspective in some respect is the symbolic interactionism perspective; both theories hold reality is constructed. The post modernism perspective holds that reality is constructed in the human mind and symbolic interactionism holds the view that people construct their reality through social interaction. People rely on the symbolic meaning they develop through interaction with the social world. The nurses from this perspective leave South Africa because of the symbols they have attached to migrating to other countries such as better wages (better future), career development and others. It is contradictory to the post-modernism perspective because this perspective believes that there is an objective truth,

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