Nursing 3040: Women´s Health Global Perspectives Analysis

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BSN Program Outcome V This outcome was addressed in Nursing 3040: Women’s Health Global Perspectives through emphasizing the need to appreciate diverse cultural practices and beliefs in promoting women’s health. Several months ago, I was notified of a Sudanese woman who was threatening to leave against medical advice from the ED due to the fact that there was no female practitioner on duty to do a pelvic examination she needed to evaluate her lower abdominal pain. In understanding the Sudanese culture, after discussion in class, I was empathetic to her request for a female to complete this invasive procedure. I was able to call our labor and delivery department, where we had a female resident working, and she came over and completed the exam in the ED. The patient and her husband were satisfied with their care and she was able to be treated without compromising her beliefs. Health Care Ethics in Nursing: 3350 included discussions reflecting one’s own beliefs and how principles of ethical conduct are implemented during situations presenting ethical dilemmas. I completed an applied ethics report on death and dying and the beliefs different cultures have on life sustaining measures. Recently, we had a critically ill African American man intubated in our ICU, who was diagnosed with end stage liver cancer and although…show more content…
Increasingly more Hispanic patients are coming to our facility for their healthcare and birthing experiences. Initially, it was disturbing for staff to deal with the many family members who come to the hospital when a woman is approaching delivery. In studying the Hispanic culture, and their emphasis on the importance of family, it is understandable why so many people attend and we are learning to accommodate and grant their wishes when medically

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