Absenteeism In Nursing

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Nursing as a profession outright several standard implicit in those who pursue nursing as their career. A nurse must be honest, liability, increase knowledge, respect patient, equality for all patients and the desire to prevent and allay suffering. Specifically, nurses have chosen this profession to assist others in need and to promote quality of life for patients. Moore (2009) suggested that the aspect of a profession must include the knowledge to broaden up and progress in the techniques, education, and services through scientific research methods. Moore (2009) also emphasizes that nurses must confide to the knowledge of their expertise at each institution of higher education, and assists to devise protocols and policies and
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Almost every day either one or two staffs will call in to report sick or request for urgent leave. And because of the absenteeism, the ward constantly faced with a shortfall of manpower, which leads to unhappiness among the staffs. Most typical reason given was not feeling well, while others could be due to family matters that could not permit them to report for duty. The issues have been highlighted to our superior, where possible strategies have been ruled out to reduce the absenteeism rate. One of the strategies that have been implanted by sisters in the ward is that they will monitor staffs absenteeism rate for every month. Affected staff with high absenteeism rate will be given two cents’ worth on their performance. The ward sisters will explore together with the affected staff on current issues and would address the matters so as to prevent from a re - occurrence that could also jeopardize the ward. I personally felt inequitable that with the high absenteeism rate, staffs have to work harder without an extra helping hand that could lead to exhausted and frustrated after each shift. And because of the good team work among each other, we are still able to complete our work on time, without compromising patient safety. Having said that, we are still responsible of our own health and well—being. If we as nurses unable to take care of our health, how could it be possible for us to…show more content…
Some other suggestion that might be achievable is ward managers to offer constructive feedback to affected staff and inform them of their actual rate of absenteeism for certain month. Having to give feedback and an open up a two way communication during discussion could facilitate the process, by allowing affected staff to voice out concerns and issues pertaining to the problem discussed. Nurses may be able to self-monitor their absenteeism rate and define goals for attendance if they are mindful of their absenteeism. Signing of contract agreement at the conclusion of the session between affected staff and ward managers would benefit from the change, and the contract can again be gone over the following month later for progression of staff performances. Giving praises and compliment will also permit the staff to feel more appreciated and tendency of having unnecessary absenteeism will be less opportunities. Gaudine et al (2010) noted that granting staff with evidence of their performance on a persistent basis can benefit to formatting positive behaviour; however, people need feedback to see if they are satisfying their specific
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