Nursing: Absenteeism And Attrition In Nursing

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Introduction Nursing as a profession outright several standard implicit in those who pursue nursing as their career. A nurse must be honest, liability, increase knowledge, respect patient, equality for all patients and the desire to prevent and allay suffering. Specifically, nurses have chosen this profession to assist others in need and to promote quality of life for patients. Moore (2009) suggested that the aspect of a profession must include the knowledge to broaden up and progress in the techniques, education, and services through scientific research methods. Moore (2009) also emphasizes that nurses must confide to the knowledge of their expertise at each institution of higher education, and assists to devise protocols and policies and being able to take charge of the professional attribute in the hospital. As a nurse, we must adhere that nursing is a profession that we have to act professionally, and obligation to our profession ahead. There are many vital issues that need to be addressed, and decisions to be made on the particular issues so as to strengthen and advance the nursing profession. The common vital issue that we are facing in the hospital is the increasing rate of absenteeism and attrition. Background For instance, the recent issues that my ward is facing currently are high absenteeism rate. Almost every day either one or two staffs will call in to report sick or request for urgent leave. And because of the absenteeism, the ward constantly faced with a

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