Nursing Administration Principles

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Usefulness: (a) Principles & Practice of Nursing Administration Principles & Practice of Nursing Administration The Nursing Administration concentration prepares nurses to function in leadership and management roles at the department or director level. The curriculum builds on students' experiences in direct care nursing roles and provides the knowledge base needed to develop the conceptual, interpersonal, and technical skills required to function in health care management and administration. The Nursing Administration concentration is designed for individuals who wish to make a positive contribution to patient outcomes and service delivery in ways that support and complement direct patient care. Nurse administrators are often responsible…show more content…
Provide an all professional nurse staff in critical care units, operating rooms, labor, delivery unit, emergency room. 2. Provide sufficient staff to permit a 1:1 nurse-patient ratio for each shift in every critical care unit. 3. Staff the general medical, surgical, Obstetrics and gynaecology, paediatric and psychiatric units to achieve a 2:1 professional –practical nurse ratio. 4. Provide sufficient nursing staff in general medical, surgical, Obstetric, paediatric and psychiatric units to permit a 1: 5 nurse-patient ratio on a day and after noon shifts and d1:10 nurse –patient ratio on the night shift. Role of Nurse Managers In Organizational Climate • Nurse Managers should emphasize management tasks or activities that stimulate motivation in nursing employees. • Nurse Managers should establish a management strategy to support new nurses and involve them in decision making. • Nurse Managers should establish a climate in which discipline is applied fairly and uniformly. • Nurse manager will work to establish an organizational climate that…show more content…
Conclusion The management asks the organisation to accomplish the task set-forth before it which an effective organisation is capable of achieving through its fruitful organizational framework. This is why it is said that organisation is a foundation upon which the whole structure of management can be successfully built. Administration has become a very popular field of study since offers a very rewarding and challenging career for Nursing Personnel. According to American school of thought Administration is superior to management. According to European school of thought of management is inclusive of Administration and Organization. Management is the policy making including planning and guidance, whereas Administration is executive of above planning. Thus management is planning agency while administration is an implementation agency An effective manager uses the management process to achieve agency goals through group efforts and follows a predetermined plan in directing

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