My Nursing Career

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“To do what nobody else will do, in a way that nobody else can, in spite of all we go through; is to be a nurse.” -Rawsi Williams
Nursing is a wide range program that many people wish to complete. Nursing is a cherish career that affords care too many sick people. Nursing has been my dream career for a long time. Nursing provides a lot of care to patient on any level of sickness they might have, and make the patient feel more comfortable in their stay; which also provide help.
The formal definition of nursing is the profession or practice of providing care for the sick and infirm. My own definition of nursing is taking care
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Nursing is the career I choose to continue in my studies and be for the rest of my life. My main professional goal is to become a trauma surgical nurse. This is the combination between emergency nurse and surgical nurse. When becoming trauma surgical nurse, I want to be able to help those people who have an emergency or badly hurt to be able to make their emergency an easier transition. In emergency room feeling the adrenaline going through your body, making very sec and minute count to save a life. If the emergency patient needs surgery from ER to OR, the transition need to be immediately for the patient survival. As, a nurse need to be the side of the surgical doctor operating handing their instruments knowing exactly what needs, is one of the jumps. Also, running to get any object as blood or emergency, is a task need to do. Every day as trauma surgical nurse, will be a new experience and unique that will not be repeated; new trauma and surgery will part of that…show more content…
After completing my BSN, I plan to transfer to a school that provides a specialty in becoming a surgical nurse; which will take about two years to complete. From this point, I would like to study my second specialty or find a job. If I continue with my studies, I would like to become certify trauma nurse, which will take about two years. But, if I choose to find a job, I will obtain one in a Hospital, because here I feel that will be able to be the most helpful and be able to expand my ability to many people. When working a few years, I 'll like to go back to school and specialties in becoming an emergency

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