Nursing Assessment In Nursing

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When I think about nursing I think about what our actions and interventions as nurses, and how we utilize our nursing skills. Basically, the foundation of nursing simplified is what do nurses do? Nurses play a major role in health care. We must have an understanding that our idea of healthy and our patients are usually very different. Nurses must explore ways to address the idea of wellness with each patient, and that is done by education and assessments. Nurse’s must have a clear understanding of the perspective of their patient’s health, and how to intervene to improve the overall quality of health for each patient. This is also done by getting a detailed assessment of the patient’s environment. Environment is made up of their social background and history. A patient’s environment is also made up of internal health. Questions that nurses will ask during their assessment might consist of what is your genetic makeup, your health, do you have any diagnosis with yourself or your family? I believe you must understand the core of patient/ person to practice evidence-based nursing. I am dealing with many different patients daily with so many different health concerns I start my plan of care by assessment and observation. Utilizing my nursing skills looking for any signs related to possible health issues. This is the beginning of my head to toe assessment. While establishing my assessment I am constantly asking questions to build a nurse patient relationship.
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