Nursing Assessment Research Paper

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Although sometimes neglected, many healthcare professionals glean information on family morbidity of particular diseases (e.g. cardiovascular diseases, autoimmune disorders, mental disorders, diabetes, cancer) to assess whether a person is at risk of developing similar problems (Rich E. C. et al, 2004) CONCEPT 3- NURSING ASSESSMENT. This concept was taken from module 1.2 entitled “purpose of health assessment” Nursing health assessment involves collecting, validating and clustering of data about health challenges of an individual, and their health needs. It is first step in nursing process. Even though nursing have always performed assessment on client prior giving nursing care, until recently assessment was considered…show more content…
• Documentation- all findings are properly recorded and kept in patient’s records file or electronic medical record. 3.1 PERSONAL CONTEXT Nursing assessment is pivotal to provide holistic care through a careful understanding of patient’s complaints, preservation and personal observation by the health care giver. Nursing assessment are sensitive indicators of patients condition. It is use to confirm data obtained in the nursing practice. 3.2 SOCIAL CONTEXT It helps to know coping ability and adjustable tendencies of patient to change and socio-economic of the community where he resides. 3.3 APPLICATION TO THE CURRENT JOB Nursing assessment helps to monitor patient level of improvement using the initial assessment to judge the later findings, most especially when adopting the usage of nursing process or nursing care plan. This is done and recorded usually every 12hours and sometimes more frequently throughout the patient stay depending on the condition and level or rate of…show more content…
Never recap used needles using both hands to prevent needle prick Use resuscitative device as an alternative to mouth to mouth resuscitation Use privative room for patient that cannot take necessary precaution or cares for themselves Dressings of wound are to be done under strict aseptic techniques with necessary precautions to forestall wound dehiscence 4.1 PERSONAL CONTEXT Infection control measures in physical examination is a thing any health Care giver must take seriously in order to forestall spread of infection or disease, periodic teaching ,through workshop and seminars should be emphasized to equip every health worker necessary skills in order to manage excretions, fluids, and secretions from

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