Nursing Care Plan Essay

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Base on the information of above, the nursing care can be as such: daily weight, intake and output chart to observe any fluid retention, oliguria due to hypotension and diarrhea, decreased intravascular volume, and/or impaired cardiac function. Insert IA line for hemodynamic monitoring keep SBP> 90, insert CVP line for medication, watch temperature for fever, heart rate to keep < 120, spo2 keep > 95 in room air, Oxygen therapy necessary and neurological assessment for mental status, pain score, and fluid restriction to 1.5 liters including IV fluid to minimize the risk of pulmonary edema. Avoid IM injection during therapy. Daily blood test for full blood count, fluid & electrolyte, liver function test, renal panel and PT/PTT. Patients should…show more content…
If patient SBP < 90 mmHg, HR> 120bpm, should stop the IL-2 administration, Study shows 75% of patient who has hypotension during high dose IL-2 need support by inotrope. fluid replacement and electrolyte replacement until condition stabilized. Add diuretic if any signs of pulmonary edema. Transfuse 2 units packed cell if Hb < 9, 2 units platelets if platelets < 20,000. Pethidine IV can give for the pain reliever, up to 100mg/24hors. Lomotil should be given at the onset of loose stools; Granisetron 3mg IV before the first dose of IL-2 and throughout therapy minimizes nausea and vomiting. Oral famotidine should give for gastric protection; piriton prn if any itchiness happens. Oral acetaminophen 650 mg should give before the therapy, 6hourly prn. Important notes are IL-2 only compatible with not piggyback through running IV solution. Separated IV set for IL-2 only, flush with 50cc D5W before and after each dose, complete each dose of the IL-2 bolus in 15…show more content…
The disappointing signs are most of the patient have no benefits are shown at all, and suffers side effect during IL-2 therapy. However, the side effects don’t cause any permanent damage. Just to make it clear, complete response means no tumors after scan and blood tests, purposed cancer must be totally eliminated after IL-2 treatment, then only present as the cure. Furthermore, in a cure also has shown treatment able to last

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