Nursing Career Essay

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I chose nursing as my career and education path many years ago as a child. The core job duties and education have remained the same for the most part and always will. The daily job description for a registered nurse according to occ.outlookhandbook is to provide and coordinate patient care educate patients and the public about various health concerns, to provide advice and emotional support to patients and their family. According to labor and delivery nurse Julie Mills Smith a registered nurses job description is “direct patient care, charting, charting and more charting. You become a healing helper, a friend, a confidant, a support system and in some cases a source of physical hope. As a registered nurse you can find employment in a hospital,…show more content…
A general registered nursing associate’s degree includes multiple classes in social sciences, anatomy’s, physiologies, biology’s, chemistry’s, psychology’s, and nutrition. Along with core nursing classes that teach you hands on skills in clinical procedures, proper terminologies, strong communication, leadership, and critical thinking skills. This takes on average of two to three years to obtain. And is needed for entry level jobs. Most hospitals require you to have a bachelor’s degree for entry level though. Meaning more in depth classes and about another year of schooling. And if you choose a specialty the school to go with your nursing degree alone could increase anywhere from one to four years. Julie Mills Smith has held five different nursing positions, Home health care, school nurse, clinical nurse at a doctor’s office, strong clinical nursing instructor for C.N.A classes and currently a labor and delivery nurse. For the latter two of those she required extra schooling provided by her employers. You can also become an operating room nurse, a rehabilitation specialist nurse, or a nurse practitioner, the possibilities are truly endless. When asked what has helped Julie Mills Smith the most in her career she said “personal experience and on the job training. School doesn’t address the realities of the job or teach you how to handle the emotional toll it can take on you.” To be an effective nurse you have to contain the knowledge of the class room and encompass physical and mental strength, compassion and empathy of many before
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