Nursing Career History

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My career history has exposed me to a wide array of patient population, medical practices and healthcare settings. With this experience, I have a clear understanding of my personal values and belief as a nurse. I have been in my current role for 2 years as a Nursing Supervisor. I believe it’s important to lead by example, providing professional, compassionate leadership which translates to excellent patient care. As a leader, it’s important to possess strong interpersonal and communication skills to successfully lead others to accomplish goals through teamwork. Promote a positive work environment for staff that actively engages staff in personal accountability and open communication. I believe it’s important to work for an organization that fosters mutual respect, integrity, diversity, innovation, patient advocacy, education and shared governance. The patient should always be the primary focus and any opportunity to…show more content…
These values and behaviors are reflected in how we practice and demonstrate patient-centered care as the top priority. Teamwork is the paramount in creating collegiality and collaboration and meeting the needs of the patient. William Worrall Mayo told his sons, “No one is big enough to be independent of others.” (Keeling, 2014 pg9). I’m consistently mindful of mutual respect when communicating with patients, families and staff and always acknowledge diverse perspectives of others. My values of honesty, integrity, teamwork, fairness, open communication and encouragement of staff input create credibility with my team. It’s my duty to lead by example, ensure patient safety at all times, the highest quality of care, take the time to listen to any patient concerns, provide education when needed and customize their care that best fits their
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