I Want To Pursue A Career In Nursing

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I am a diligent, compassionate, and curious student. I love to challenge myself, set my goals high, and expand my knowledge. I am willing to be taught and to adapt quickly. I believe that I am ready to undergo an undergraduate study and pursue a professional nursing career for I have a passion for learning and caring for others; and I have done much research and observed nurses, which has led me to be certain of my decision for a career in nursing.
I believe that at UCLA School of Nursing, I will be able to expand on my interest in the sciences through the broad range of courses and also pursue my passion of learning how to better care for others. At an intellectually demanding school, my limits will be stretched and my strength and knowledge
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Often times I thought it was the desire for a steady, well paying career that my parents always told me to strive after ever since I was young, or for the respect I desired from others of my intellectual achievements. Through volunteering in high school, I realized my passion for serving others, leading to my decision to pursue a nursing career, and at the same time I was able to overcome my greatest challenge of speaking to others. At the beginning of my junior year of high school, I started volunteering at a free clinic every Thursday after school for two to three hours. The clinic only serves people without healthcare, so we mostly help the poor, homeless, and immigrants. As I continued to volunteer at the clinic every week, I developed the deep love I have for serving and caring for others. I also learned of the great importance of healthcare as I served those who did not have it. As I observed the doctors, nurses, and other professionals that serve at the clinic after their regular day job, I was able to recognize the joys that they find in helping others. Rather than spending time at a free clinic where they help patients for no pay, they could be working more hours to earn more money, but they choose not to. I discovered that they are in the healthcare field because they truly have a passion for helping others and that is when I realized I too want to spend my life helping people. I have respected healthcare professionals since I was young and through this experience I have an even greater respect for them. I am drawn to nurses especially for they left a warm impact on me when I visited the hospital often during my childhood. I greatly admire nurses for their dedication, patience, and care, and I believe they make a big impact in a healthcare environment. Every patient before they leave the clinic always thank the volunteers who are not healthcare professionals with a big smile, the

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