Nursing Career Research Paper

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I was thinking to become a nurse when I was visited my son’s High School Career Day when an APRN gave a speech that inspired me to become a nurse. The APRN had double major in Nurse Midwifery and Family Nurse Practitioner, and she appeared to enjoy her profession. Her admiration coupled with motivation from my family background developed my interest to pursue a career in nursing profession. Several years ago I earned another degree in health care that I challenged myself by obtaining new experiences, and thus developed my education and professional skills. I have been working for several years in the hospital practicing caring skills in different fields of health care profession, as EKG technician, going from Med-Surg, ER, ICU and others.…show more content…
For me, nursing has been completely a unique field of practice. I had a special interest in pursuing the profession as it is the source of life fulfillment; not simply working to make money. Stratford University Nursing School opened a new door and imparting nursing knowledge to me. To continue pursuing this field of nursing, I have to complete BSN. I would like to pursue the BSN Program because it is a requirement in many hospitals for nursing. Currently, I am an EKG technician working with critically ill people and people with special needs. I have passion in my job and I need to continue practicing the nursing profession as my future career. I would like to work in a nursing care, which is focused on the treatment and evaluation of preoperative and post- operative surgical patients with emphasis on Cardiovascular Surgery and Cardiac ICU. The nurses care of ICU is focusing on cardiac patient with taking good care of these type of patients, including rhythm interpretation, hemodynamics, airway management, pain management, medication management, safety precautions, patient/family…show more content…
In this way, people’s lives have improved and interaction with others has helped me to develop professionally. I am very interested in the care of people in recovery. Working as an EKG technician at ICU with cardiac patients and post traumatic recovery unit, I know that it can be stressful and emotional, but the rewards are also high. I have authentic interest in enhancing quality of life of all patients, and remain dedicated to deliver 100% towards this. Given opportunity to pursue the Bachelor of Science in Nursing Program, I will be in a better position to fulfill my career dream. The program is necessary for my career development while fulfilling my work schedules and delivering health care to people. I remain excited to be in the Bachelor of Science in Nursing Program to advance my career to the next level and to contribute positively to the wellbeing of people and society. Reference: From webpage: Retrieved February 25, 2017. Retrieved February 25, 2017 from webpage: Retrieved February 25, 2017 from webpage:
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