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Adrienne is a single 50-year-old female, weight 220, height 5’7 inches tall Adrienne present occupation is Teacher in the NYC public school system and a sign language Teacher in the evening. Adrienne still resides in Harlem New York with her son who is 13 years old.
Adrienne Was born in Harlem New York at Harlem Hospital her mother Mary had a normal pregnancy. Adrienne had no childhood Health. But Adrienne reached mid 40s diagnose with hypertension, slightly obese and has lower back issues due to A disc bulging in lower back. Adrienne never smoked or used any drugs. However, she may have an occasional drink of alcohol. Also Adrienne became pregnant at the age of 38 years old this was her first pregnancy and she carry to full term, however Adrienne had been induced when she would not dilate her son was born via C-section who is single and live in Harlem, New York,

Adrienne attended public School all of her childhood, and graduated from High school and went to College in which she graduated with her bachelor's degree in social work and then worked for ACS worker. after a few year Adrienne continue her education and received A master degree in speech. however, Adrienne
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But this study opens my eye more. On what a would discover about Adrienne .it was very easy because we are close in age, but difference paths in life. Adrienne was very helpful in the Adult Case Study. I discovered that everyone experience life differently, No noticeable sign of midlife crisis. transition model reject the idea that midlife crisis is the norm (Helson, 1997; Wethington, Kessler, & Pixley, 2004).Craig, Grace J.; Dunn, Wendy L. (2013-01-03). Understanding Human Development (3rd Edition) (Page 393). Pearson HE, Inc.. Kindle

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