Nursing Case Study Mayra Handy

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The second case I found was about a women name Mayra Handy is was 55. She was the Richard Hardy’s wife, she was bedridden and suffers for multiple sclerosis. When she was found by authorities, she was suffering from sepsis, or severe infection, had open sores, and had feces on her. She had some open sores that were oozing on both of her knees, a bedsore that was about 5 inches in width found on her back. The skin on her back was molted and another oozing sore was found near her feeding tube. After being taken to the hospital the nurses reported that the bandage had not been changed for some time and they notice the smell of decaying flesh, also her catheter was clogged. Its also seem that a mouse had chews a hole in her feeding tube. The

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