Occupational Therapy Case Study Nursing

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On the other hand, Non-pharmacological management including physiotherapy was suggested to Mrs Cole to increase function and reduce pain, improve quality of life and independence. In order to improve her ability to perform daily living activity by herself, occupational therapy was also offered after she is released from the nursing home. The Psychological intervention is necessary for helping in prevention against pain and it evaluates how patients behaves, thinks and feels along with the response of the family impacts on the pain experience (Dykes & Middleton, 2010).
Finally the major role of nurse was to avoid Mrs Cole from developing pressure ulcers, therefore a relieving air mattress was provided to the patients. As mentioned by NICE (2010), air mattress can be beneficial for the patients when they are used along with repositioning of patients. It was instructed to the nurses for motivating Mrs Cole to reposition herself every 2 to4 hours in order to prevent bed sore and developing pressure ulcers. Physiotherapist was able to assist Mrs Cole from mobilising herself by using Zimmer frame for short distance at least for three days. Occupational therapist helped Mrs Cole to identify the problem she faces at home and she guided
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The clinical guidelines and literature for extensive fall prevention approach provides an in depth analysis that was difficult to understand clinical challenges of fall prevention. By using Roper et al (2000) model helps the healthcare professionals in identifying and assessing assess the individual requirement and what sort of on-going support is needed for improving. I believe that the nursing process environment must be based on at least one nursing model to properly examine and analyse the case

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