Too Young To Care Case Study

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Case Study: Too Young to Care This session I am asked to review the following case study and provide three perspectives on the ethical decision facing Angela. Rae, (2009), outlines several theories related to the decision-making process. Ethical Egoism, Virtue Theory, and My perspective will be focused on.
Case Study. Angela is a 15-year-old pregnant teen. She is single, but receives emotional support from the father of the child. Angela lives with her mom, but spends most of her time away from home. Their relationship has been strained with the pregnancy. Angela is not working now, and has not been able to keep a regular job. She is, however, enrolled in school and has set a goal to attain her high school diploma. The pregnancy was not planned; nonetheless, when she discovered she was pregnant, she wanted to have her baby. Angela began to receive prenatal care at an early gestational age, eight weeks. Her first appointment was very stressful. The doctor and nurse encouraged her to have an abortion. They implied she is too young and irresponsible to take care of a baby. They also suggested her life would be more prosperous without a child. They reminded her that it is not too late and she could decide at her next visit in two weeks.
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“Ethical Egoism is the theory that morality of an act is determined by one’s self interest.” Rae, (2009 p 67). Rae goes on to clarify that this theory is not egotistical or narcissistic. If Angela makes her decision based on this theory she will not worry about the consequences of her actions, just how it will affect her. She may decide to abort the children fearing that it would negatively affect her now and in the future. Rae, (2009), explains that Angela may support her theory with the notion that she is the only one that knows what she needs, this is the only theory that looks out for the individual, and hurting the baby, is not necessarily what she wants to do but she must think of her self
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