Nursing Mentorship Case Study

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Nurses often faced a variety of challenges in order to maintain quality of patients’ care, in line with the changes in medicine and nursing profession. Nurses need to be mastered in all aspects and play really important roles in providing effective and efficient care to the patients. They need to deal with emotional and professional demand of many people, especially the patients.
With the development of advanced technologies and various specializations in medicine, there are many requests for higher expectations and demands for nurses from a variety of specialization as well. Moreover, as a result, it is more stressful and challenging for newly graduated nurses as they face problems to adapt to their new professional career and environment.
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The mentor will help the newly graduated nurses in performing their tasks and assignments. Having great experiences, especially in the specialized area helps the mentor to guide and deliver knowledge and skills to the newly graduated nurses, so that they are able to develop their essential skills in clinical settings. The mentor holds huge responsibility towards preparing future nurses who are competent enough to serve in the community (Pellat, 2006). Just like the senior staff nurses who act as a mentor in mentorship, newly graduated nurses who act as a mentee also play important roles and require full commitment in order to strengthen their competencies. The success of the mentorship program is closely tied to the relationship of the mentor and mentee. However, it is not easy to maintain the relationship as it needs commitment from both mentor and mentee. The successfulness of this program also can benefit all, especially to the nursing…show more content…
Based on the previous research done by Komaratat and Oumtanee (2009) showed that mentorship program had a significant effect on cultivating communication skills and human relationship among the newly graduated nurses. These studies also strengthen the research done by Meechusup in 1996 (as cited in Komaratat and Oumtanee, 2009) that the newly graduated nurses had improved their communication after exposing to mentorship program as they received some guidance and training from their

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