The Importance Of Communication In Nursing

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The communication between nurse and patient is one of the basic principles in nursing care and is of the important strategies for improving the quality of care(1).communication level between nurses and patient is one of main patient experience(2).
Several studies have identified communication as a pre-requisite for revealing patient symptoms, concerns, and issues, and thereby an important skill to obey of the treatment, diagnostic, health promotion, and rehabilitation programs(3-5).
Considering the importance of good communication in care, significant issues such as lack of information, inappropriate information and lack of accountability are still reported in patient satisfaction surveys.(6)One of the most important issues in improving the
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(12) and in these training courses, introspection and self-awareness should be considered as behavior promotion(13).At least half of nursing education courses is done in clinical environments and clinical education has a basic role in forming professional skills in nursing students. In recent years, communication skills training has been the main component of nursing education curriculums in advanced countries. And is recognized as one of the continuing nursing education(14). The training of communication skills that has been done includes combined training including simulation, scenario,…show more content…
The concepts are related, but they have different defining attributes because self-concept and confidence represent personal characteristics that have a stable influence on behavior, whereas self-efficacy represents a temporary characteristic tied to a specific situation(21). To accommodate interchangeable language,reference lists were searched to identify additional studies of communication skill training and nurse self-efficacy. One researcher used a double-entry verification process for extraction from the source to the database to ensure consistency.Randomized control trial , Experimental and nonexperimental designs were

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