Nursing Conceptual Framework

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A conceptual framework is a group of concepts that are broadly defined and systematically organized to provide a focus, a rationale, and a tool for the integration and interpretation of information (Mosby’s Medical Dictionary, 2009). Conceptual framework controls how things happen physically and do this in a way that is easy to remember and apply.

This concept is taken from Block 2, Module 1 which is entitled as ‘Introduction to Administration’. Nursing Administration is a broad term that encompasses nursing professionals who are knowledgeable of leadership practices as they relate to the Nursing profession. The nursing administration is made up of people with executive
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Nurse administrator monitors, supervises and allocates resources in the areas of nursing services ensuring that proper process is followed in delivery of nursing services to achieved great outcomes. A nurse administrator makes work plan, surveys accomplished work and makes work principles. Nurse administrators work hard to see that the organization or the healthcare institutions achieve great success in delivery of care and also ensure that the hospital runs effectively. It is the duty of the nurse administrators to ensure that the resources which include manpower, materials, money, machines etc. are adequate. Then the resources are being used effectively to maximize great outcomes and reduce poor outcomes to the lowest…show more content…
In health care institutions, the nurse administrators liaise with the nurses and other professionals to promote good communication, they also ensure that the nurses maintain the policies and ethical values of the profession in order to address the ethical problems the nurses face in their day-to-day work. Nurse administrators ensure that the work plan is effectively shared for the nurses at all levels to minimize stress and nurses can meticulously carry out their nursing roles in the care of patients. In the communities, the nurse administrators organize programs like free medical checkups, immunization, seminars to talk on health and also involve the community to partake in the utilization of health care services. The nurse administrator also liaises with the health care workers in the communities to ensure that the needs of the communities are

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