Nursing Core Competencies Essay

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The Nurse of the Future Nursing Core Competencies was selected to direct toward succeeding in patient care delivery. Nurses profession always revolved around the wellbeing of patients and their caregiver. By having these competencies in place, it helps develop a more focused view for the nurse to successfully achieve her goal and commitment to our profession. It combines all aspects possible to ensure the nurse's knowledge is supported to deliver best outcomes for the patient. The Core Competencies should be integrated into the nurse’s everyday work experience alongside continuous education. According to the diagram The Nurse of the Future Nursing Core Competencies: The Art and Science of nursing the 10 core competencies are aligned…show more content…
As an example, I’ve had at time nurses acknowledge physician’s notes directed toward nursing staff, but doesn’t relay that information to the oncoming nurse, for a continuous care. So that results into the oncoming nurse to page the same physician in regard to the same issue or never provide that particular care to the patient. I feel that at times there is a lot environmental causes around the nursing profession that result in ineffective communication. According to effective communication skills in nursing practice, some barriers that nurses face on daily basis to effective communication are “ Environment – high workload, lack of time, lack of support, staff conflict, lack of privacy or lack of referral pathway. Fear and anxiety – related to being judged, being weak, or breaking down and crying. ” (Effective communication skills in nursing practice.Nursing Standard, 2014, p.55) The two core competencies that I selected above are just the two ones I discussed in detail, but in regard to my practice currently and in the future. I’m a firm believer that all the 10 of competencies are very important to me to be able to give my best as a nurse and succeed at it. I truly find this competency as a support to excel in my nursing
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