Nursing Course Reflection

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I had learned so much from this class that I will take with me into my nursing career. During this course, I was able to think critically and tried understand what is like to be old. I am happy to say that my results were outstanding and I think the information that I had acquired from doing the internet explore on many different topics will be useful to me in the future.
I work in a nursing home and I love helping people with their activities of daily living. Many people that I helped have amazing stories to tell about their life and the things they had done. The things I love about elderly is that they have an inspiration and motivation stories that will just give you hope. Our textbook had mentioned this in a few chapters. Some of them have dementia and memory loss and other health problems, but there are some who can still remember the things they did. As elderly age, their health will decline
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Many solider who fought in the war are now suffering from long-term disabilities, and there is not enough Medicaid to cover them. Our nation is lacking professional and trained caregivers who can provide care for elderly who are living with multiple conditions. The government is cutting Medicaid funds and the majority who need them the most are struggling to pay for their health insurance, especially poor people. Medicaid has several advantage for younger adults but it cheats older people. Life course will increase in the future and the government will cut the budgets and programs. The economy will slow down and elderly will face many challenges in the aging process. Social Security is excepted because people planned it first and then, it turns out to be successful. The challenges that will come with caring for elderly in 2030 will involve taking advantage of advances in medicine, and behavioral health to keep elderly

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