Nursing: Definition Of Critical Thinking In Nursing

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Critical thinking is a simple yet impressive process of obtaining, analysing, evaluating, searching and conceptualising the provided information for the self-awareness of one’s thinking, and his conceptual ability to use this to take risks and add creativity. The nursing process is an important and integral part of the practice of nursing since long and has been effectively used to solve the problems and use this as an activity for thinking and planning for caring as a professional in the nursing practice. Definition of Critical thinking There is no such globally acknowledged definition of critical thinking; however as per the American Philosophical Association, the description can be cognitive and affective skills that results in the purposeful and interactive yet the reflective process of learning. Critical thinking involves bounding and predefined objectives of creative thinking and includes in-depth knowledge of attitudes and skill to incorporate the importance of problem-solving approach within the nursing practice. This is a multidimensional process of thinking and decision making approach in the nursing practice. Nurses are most commonly challenged to “think: in the fast and complex environment of the current practice. Critical thinking in Nursing One of the best techniques to understand the concept of nursing is to look for examples of critical thinking within the nursing process. Rhodes, Morris & Lazenby (2011)asserts that nursing process in connected to the

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