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The nursing profession has become one of the fastest growing profession in healthcare. Although some people might argue does the benefit of a nursing degree is not worth the stress. People go into this profession to enrich their lives, help their community and be a part of the healthcare changes we need today. Therefore, graduating with a nursing degree has it good benefit and also a sense of achieving a personal goal for student.

First, the benefit of having a nursing degree outweighs the stress of obtaining the degree. One of the outstanding benefits is the schedule flexibility that comes with the degree. Typical working hours for most workers in other profession are 9am to 5pm weekdays. Meanwhile in nursing, a nurses are known to work more flexible hours. Nurses working hours varies from 8-12 hours in
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But in the case of a nursing degree, it has multiple benefits, however some nurses go into the nursing profession not mainly for financial benefit but as a means of accomplishing a personal goal, like serving or helping others. For instance some students have personal stories why the decided to go into the nursing field. This might be a close relative who needs medical care, and becoming a nurse can help provide better care for them. Another example might be immigrants who were born out of the United States and have seen first hand the benefit of prevention and proper nursing care, in case of new born baby developing infection and fatality due to lack of proper teaching and caring to prevent infection or issues. According to Hood and Leddy, ‘‘ The roles of a nurse is client advocate, teachers, an agent of change, coordinator and care giver’’(5). Having a nursing degree can help to bring these changes by teaching and helping to prevent issue from arising. A goal of the nurse is to see these issues prevented and can be a personal achievement

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